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Game plot:

After war has broken out in the Continent of Titania, the Kingdom of Titanus is nearly annihilated except for one fortification. The only hope will be a lightning cannon, which is located in another dimension, but this dimension is reachable only from a portal in the "Kingdom of Clouds", which is located over the clouds. So the King sends his best warrior to find the portal, but the only befriended kingdom in the Clouds, Guendol, is also nearly conquered from Kimuria, another cloud Kingdom. So the Kings warrior has to firstly help Guendol to restore its power, and then to go after 9 keys, which are hidden in the Cloud Kingdoms. These keys will then open up the portal to the Lightning Cannon.


Developers & Designers - Shend Mulliqi, Besfort Kurteshi, Rilind Idrizi

Published Dec 17, 2014
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Action RPG, Tactical

Install instructions

Simply download the file and extract it in your computer.

Then... enjoy the game !

P.S. We will notify for updates through the page.


The legend of Titan.exe 16 MB